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Welcome to Pole Barns Wichita KS! We know that choosing between so many types of Wichita pole buildings can be very overwhelming. There are many ways that can help with not becoming overwhelmed.

Having the right pole building contractors will help with getting to know the difference between every building. Including pole barn homes, a barn pole house, and a pole barn garage.

About Pole Barns Wichita KS

The metal buildings Wichita KS that we offer are sure to meet all your needs. Our goal is to get you set up with a space that fits your vehicles, animals, tools, and much more.

We are builders that are very reliable. When we say we will get a job done in a certain way, we get it done. If we say we will get it done within a certain time frame, we will also get it done within that timeframe.

Weather can be a very unpredictable aspect of the building process. We make buildings that withstand unpredictable times. They are pole buildings Wichita KS that are sturdy and stand strong throughout time.

We value our customers and the buildings that they choose to have our pole barn builders build. We do not believe in cutting corners. We know the importance of taking the time, energy, and money to get the job done right the first time.

You will be proud of not only our work ethic of our company builders. You will also be proud of our quality building materials and our pole buildings Wichita prices. If you want your pole barn done right then we are the right guys for the job in your community.

Why Choose Us?

Have you ever chosen to work with a company to, later on, regret your decision? That may have been for many different reasons. You will not find yourself doing that as you choose to work with us.

Here are many of the reasons that our customers have been so happy they chose to use our company for their building:

  • We work well within our company and the customer
  • We have open communication to make sure all needs are met
  • We take time and make sure our measurements and delivery are precise
  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured
  • We offer free consultations to go over your details

Do you want a new company building your home or other structure and learning along the way? We are a company that has experience. We have been around for many years building every type of structure.

We know what works best and what does not work so great. You do not have to worry about being a learning building. You get professional services done as you choose us as your building company.

Stop taking the time to research “pole buildings near me”. Give us a call today and we can do over your options about what you want. We value your opinion and give our opinion as well.

What To Expect

Do you want insights from people that build dreams for a living? That is what we offer you here at Pole Barns Wichita KS. We build your dream in a fun and relaxed way, which is why customers love working with us.

We keep stress on the low side. Stress can be the leading cause of why people choose not to build. They do want to worry about the details and the cost of the project.

spokane pole buildings & metal buildings

We take this hard work out of the process for you. We are very clear on the pole building cost. We work with you in a way to have it meet your budget and not become overwhelming.

We walk you through the process and keep you informed on what is going on throughout the building process. You will always know what step is next and you will feel involved.

We want your pole barn with loft or your horse barns to last a lifetime. This is why you will find that we do not use cheap materials. We use materials that are quality and tried and tested.

After seeing your end result you will feel joy and satisfaction every time you look at it. You will want to share our information with all your friends and family members.

Our Services

Are you unsure about what each type of pole building can offer you? There are hundreds of options out there for different types of structures. This may help you to narrow down what kind of building you are wanting to build on your property. Fill out our form today and we can give you even more information and details.

spokane residential pole barn

Residential Pole Buildings

These are pole buildings that are strictly for your living space. We build these often for families that want to build a beautiful new home, with open living space, at a fraction of the cost. You can still get the looks, styles, and interior materials you would otherwise.

spokane metal buildings

Commercial Pole Buildings

Commercial pole buildings are very tailored to the needs of the specific company. Many companies have needs for a certain number of windows or doors that they need to have on their building. This is a great way for you to have all your supplies, offices, and more in one area for your company.

spokane shop builders

Garages, Shops, And Barns

Garages and shops can be made looking more like a box, a regular garage, or a garage with a vertical roof. There are ways in which we can add more garage doors and space for whatever you need. There is a wide range of styles, colors, and features that we can add or take away from any garage, shop, or barn. There are even more options and features we can add to a pole barn including different stalls.

spokane metal carports

Metal Carports

Did you know there are different styles for carports? Our shop builders can build you a carport that has an A-Frame, vertical, or regular style. With these different styles, we are able to build you a carport that is made custom for what you need to use it for. We have a wide variety of colors and options all around for these types of structures.

spokane shop with living quarters

Shop With Living Quarters

A shop with living quarters is going to have a huge range in pricing. This is because there are so many different features and options you can add to your structure. Starting price will be around $100,000 and will go up from there. Usually, they have around 3-4 bedrooms, but can be made custom to your needs.

spokane pole barn homes

Pole Barn Homes

The construction for this type of home is much quicker than building a conventional home. If you have the skills, you can do the interior work on your own, which saves thousands of dollars on a contractor. There are very few differences between a pole barn home and a conventional home.

spokane barndominium

Barndominiums/ Shomes

The greatest part about building a shome is that nearly anything is possible. If you want a pole barn with living quarters that is larger or smaller we can make it unique to you and what you want. We will describe to you what your color, insulation, and flooring types will be along with everything else.

spokane pole building kits and pole barn kits

DIY Pole Building Kits

The wonderful part about pole barn kits Wichita is that they are delivered to you. You do not have to have the truck and machinery to get it to your job site or property. You only need to order the kit and it is taken care of from there. You get to pick the kit that you want and will work with what you need.

Contact us today for a free pole building quote!

About Wichita Kansas

The population of our wonderful city here in Kansas is around 390,000. Our city is on the Arkansas River. It started out as a trading post many years ago. The nickname of our city is “cowtown”.

It is now an aircraft production and capital of the world. We have much aviation operating design and manufacturing facilities here in our city. Our economy is heavy in the aircraft industry.

Are you wondering about what to do while you are here? You will be happy to hear that we have many museums, parks, theaters, shopping centers, and many more. Our city experiences all four seasons, which makes it ever-changing.

Cities that surround the around of Wichita are:

  • Derby, KS
  • Andover, KS
  • Haysville, KS
  • Valley Center, KS
  • Maize, KS
  • Rose Hill, KS
  • Kechi, KS
  • Towanda, KS
  • Benton, KS
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your pole barns under warranty?

Depending on the type of building you decide to have built, we do offer warranties. Our materials are often under some type of warranty. Now if you do any type of pole building kits Wichita, then it is very common for them to not have warranties. This is because they are not assembled in a professional way when you do them yourself. There are some cases where they will have a warranty. This is if the kits are assembled exactly how the instructions say or have an inspection done. You will have to check on the specifics of your building.

What do I do if I have pieces that have damage or are missing from my kit?

There is usually a time frame where you can contact the company with the issues you are having. We are happy to assist you after that period of time is over. There may be a few things differently after that time frame. Such as, you may have to pay for different costs such as shipping or materials.

Is it possible to turn a carport into some type of metal garages later on down the road?

Yes. This is always an option for you. If you build a carport not then our barn builders do a great job at modifying whatever structure you have. You will want to make sure that the carport you build in the first place is tall enough for it to eventually be the garage you may want to convert it into. There is much versatility to steel buildings.

Once I find shop builders near me can they do whatever I want to have done?

Yes. You are going to want to meet with the “pole barn builders near me” that you find. From there you will want to make sure and discuss specifics of what you are wanting to do. If you want a certain amount of windows, doors, etc you will want to make sure they can do that. Some pole building homes or other buildings will not meet your requirements. In which case, you can work with the “pole building contractors near me” that you found. They will help you to find a building that will work for what you want to have.

Customer Testimonials

We were very happy with your pole buildings Cheyenne prices. We got a wonderful deal. Our pole barn builders built it with such ease and great pricing.

Tari M.

The knowledge that everyone on your crew had was amazing to hear. Everyone knew exactly what they were doing and the best way to do it with little to no error. We are very happy with how our steel buildings turned out.

Berkley S.

We were amazed at the fact that they were the first company to finish a project on time! We were in a bit of a time crunch and they performed well above what we had expected. Thank you for your quality service.

Ned P.

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We build pole buildings that will last a lifetime. We are your Wichita shop builders that build you both quality and wonderful looking metal buildings. We also have steel shops and many options for pole barn kits.

Don’t let your lack of decision of information hold you back from getting a pole barn cost estimate or meeting with one of our metal barn builders. We are full of confidence in our pole building prices.

Our pole barn builders Wichita have years of experience that make it easy for our customers to trust them and their ability to get them what they want. Call us today at Pole Barns Wichita KS!

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